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  • La India Ranch requires a release of liability form to be completed upon arrival.

  • Guides are in charge of the situation at all times and have the authority to terminate a hunt at any time. If you comply with our rules and suggestions, you are certain to have a fun, safe, and successful hunt.

  • If the guide feels that the hunter is not fluent and familiar with his or her firearm, the ranch reserves the right to refuse service or terminate the hunt. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our hunters and guides. The hunt will not take place if there's the possibility of a dangerous situation occurring.

  • All hunters must shoot at least one shot in front of his or her guide at our range prior to hunting. Generally this is a one shot check. and then we go hunting.

  • Actions on firearms must be open at all times and will not be allowed to be closed until arrival at the hunting destination and your guide tells you to do so.

  • Use of cameras or video recorders will not be permitted during a hunt. Cameras tend to disturb the animals for your hunt and may also affect the animals for the hunter after you. Pictures are permitted and recommended after the animal is harvested.

  • There will be no alcoholic beverages consumed prior to a hunt. If a guide believes the hunter has been drinking, the hunt will not take place. Drinking is permitted after the evening hunt and all firearms are safely stored.

  • Any animal that is wounded is considered harvested and will be paid in full. We will make every effort to recover your animal.

  • Prohibited:

    • Hunting after dark

    • Driving around without a guide

    • Alcohol consumption away from the lodge compound

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