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  • What can I expect for my nilgai hunt? 

You should arrive by noon the first day of your hunt. Upon arrival you will check in, sight in your rifle, and then prepare for your afternoon hunt. A typical hunt starts and ends on half days and lasts for 2-4 hours.

  • Why can't we hunt all day? 

Hunting in the heat in the middle of the day disrupts the normal movement of the animals, and the evening hunt will not be nearly as good as if we allowed the animals to settle during the day.


  • How do you hunt nilgai? 

We use a safari style or spot and stalk.


  • What if I only wound an animal? 

Any animal that is wounded is considered harvested and will be paid in full. We will make 
every effort to recover your animal.

  • What about shooting predatory animals?

Bobcats, feral hogs, and coyotes may be hunted for an additional fee. The ranch will assess a 
daily fee per hunter if the value of the animal harvested is less than $500.


  • What caliber rifle should I bring? 

You must shoot a 1800 bullet. What do I need to do prior to my arrival? 

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